Saturday 22 December 2012

Arundhati Roy speaks about the issue of rape in India

Well-known writer and social issues with his own opinion Arundhati Roy spoke on the issue of rape in the BBC studios. Read what she says.
I do not believe that Delhi is the rape capital.If the rape has been going on for years. It is embedded in the psyche. Muslims in Gujarat was raped when security forces in Kashmir, Manipur also happens but then picks up no sound.
Dalit women are raped in Kherlanjhi and his daughter was burned them. Then a voice was raised.
Only a feudal mindset which raises voice of the people of the great nation, dominated happens with people in Delhi.
Sound should arise. Which is supposed to happen in Delhi, but for him to Halla Halla should not just middle class people to save.
Chhattisgarh tribal woman with Sony Tyre happened if you will recall. His Jnnango were cast in stone., But the police did not have even a raised voice. If the police officer received an award for courage.
Poor security forces in Kashmir when Kashmiri forces against rape does not demand a hanging.
Rape of a higher-caste Dalit man does not, then no such demand.
This time there were hundreds of people gathered in Delhi when the girl was thrown out of the bus, people were standing naked.Someone gave him his cloak. Everyone stood.
Rich in Delhi - was the first to distinguish between poor. But now they are still the target. Rape is not the issue. When the country was partitioned, we can not even imagine how many were raped.
Inside we have a feudal mindset.
Rape is a terrible crime, but what people do. The girl is raped does not accept him. How do we live in society. In many cases, the rape of the same family are out of the house.
There is too much violence in society.
But should not be protesting against choose. Every woman should resist rape. These dual mindset that you will sound but Manipur to Delhi rape of women, and for women of Kashmir Kherlanjhi not raise voice for the downtrodden.
Do not resist rape on the ground that he is in Delhi or any other place in Manipur. All I can say.

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  1. i think you should have taught this lesson at Kashmir conference, who(fanatic Jihadis of Vally) were responsible for killing assaulting Kashmir Pandits... Admit that you r working for america & now don't try to escape in thin air by saying that you are not Rockefeller agent like AAP & Anna is because the truth is you too are also promoting American/UK idea of splitting Kashmir from India... as West want to have their Base on Kashmir to have much stronger hold on Asia & you stupidly worked as a stair for them by bullshitting Kashmir not an integral part of India or no"didn't you committed RAPE of India like party on chair and NGOs's like AAP bhushan or Agnivesh do in the name of Human Right",,, your allegations on Baba ramdev is completely misleading or Hoax... Think for Raashtraneeti or idiotic Raajneeti....

  2. GREAT work by Arundhati Roy.

    Only one could be wife of a man and rest of Women are their sisters if not respected mother, daughters, aunts, nieces.

    Global Justified Laws need to be passed against rapist and need to punished them accordingly regardless of any discrimination. These rapist are terrorist since they terrorizing women which victims may never forget and their whole life might be ruined.


  3. Arindhati roy is not a good writer as
    her language is not for every one and in 2002 she gave a article saying bjp as bad and modi as a bad person