Thursday, 16 February 2012

Edward Said Memorial Lecture by Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is scheduled to give the Edward Said Memorial Lecture on 5th of March 2012, at Princeton University at 5.00 pm. The lecture is sponsored by the English Department.

Please contact the university regarding availability of seats if you would like to attend.

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  3. The Arundhati Roy talk last night was wonderful! She eloquently described the madness that was going on in India and around the world, and spelled out the many dystopic realities surrounding us, and I felt very sad. Genocide, selfishness, greed, indifference, violence, hatred, and so much ugliness surrounds us. And yet we dwell in such great beauty as well. It is a challenge every day to live with an open heart.

    Her talk inspired this poem in me:

    He built a tower out of the bones

    of the poor and indigenous people

    He thought the white was purer

    if they died in pain

    and so devised intricate means of torture

    paying the best and brightest minds royally

    to invent innovative ways

    to prolong and intensify the pain

    Whole populations raped, pillaged, razed

    To create a tower that stretches into the sky

    To rival the reach of the gods

    To pad his own ego

    To add to the illusion of his immortality

    But death is inevitable for us all

    What do you want to hold near to you

    As you go on this journey

    What memories, what loves, what accomplishments

    Think carefully, my friend

    Your tower may be tall, but

    Life is short.

  4. I would like to listen to her talk - that can only happen if she comes to this part of the world - Malaysia or Singapore, perhaps even Cambodia. There is such depth in the way she uses words to evoke feelings that have lain dormant in us, words that strike a cord in our hearts.

    siva prasanna Krishnan

  5. Ma'am I am a student of class 8th and I got a project to choose a women achiever , read a novel written by her . I got the information from wikipedia and read your novel The God of Small Things and wrote its summary . But I have to mention some events taken place around the world for the author . I didn't get any . Could you give me some ........ Please , give it soon .... I have to complete my project in two days ...... PLEASE !!!!!!!!