Thursday, 21 July 2011

Arundhati rules out movie based on her novel

THRISSUR: Novelist Arundhati Roy has ruled out selling the rights of her Booker Prize winning novel 'The God of Small Things' for making a film.She revealed this on the occasion of the release of film critic I Shanmugadas' book 'Shareeram, nadi, nakshathram' at the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Hall here on Wednesday.She said each reader had their own view about the novel and she did not want to spoil this by making a film on the novel. The Booker prize winner said that a number of Hollywood producers approached her seeking the rights of the novel. "I do not want the novel to be colonised by one imagination," she said. "The wide response to the novel shows that it was not just about Kerala. The Estonian translator of the book asked her, "How did you know about my early days?" Publishers in New York told the writer, "We all got aunts similar to Baby Kochamma (a character in the novel)."Meanwhile, the writer seemed to hesitate to take a claim on the book saying "'The God of Small Things' is not mine. It was born out of a 'collaboration' between me and the place I was living."Adivasis know that human beings alone do not constitute the world. There are flowers, bees and fishes. I don't think Karl Marx would have understood what it means to live in the present day world where 90 per cent of the fish have vanished from the seas, where plastic is dumped in oceans and fish are grown in factories."On her arrival at the Akademi hall, the BJP activists protested raising black flags against her recent comment on the Kashmir issue. Writer Sara Joseph and I Shanmugadas spoke on the occasion.


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